What is WATT?

WATT D&B provides a full package service for your commercial real estate project including space design, construction management, furniture & move coordination

Project Management Team.png

WATT D&B is a Design and Build company helping clients with commercial real estate projects.


WATT D&B was created to help Start-Ups and more established companies to navigate their implementation in the United states and help American based companies with their real estate development in France.

Composed of a pluridisciplinary team, WATT helps its clients from the beginning of the research to the furniture coordination & move out.

We assist you in achieving your goals within your timeframe and budget. We recognize the complexity of organizing a set-up while running your business.

  • As your real estate department, we manage and organize all the work for you,

  • As your interior designer, we program, think and create your space design,

  • As your client representative, we work hand in hand with your team.

We believe every project is the result of people’s collaboration.


In 2011, Groupe SNEF , a worlwide construction company created a startup entity in commercial real estate project management WATT Network to provide turnkey solutions to their clients.

Over the past few years, the company has developed skills in client representation, interior design & project management with a strong desire to place the human as a key factor to success.

In 2017, WATT Network opened its New York office; WATT D&B to help European and US companies to find and fit out their spaces.

WATT team works on more than 150 projects each year from research to interior design to construction management.